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Web Design for Medical Tourism Business

Website & Brand Design for a Medical Tourism Business

DocAbroad LLC

From designing the logo, the website and business cards to setting up Gmail with a custom domain and creating Social Media Accounts, we offered all the essential digital services to jumpstart DocAbroad LLC as a business.

DocAbroad LLC offers all inclusive packages to get surgery abroad for a price less than or equal to the cost of surgery in the United States (and Canada), plus you get the bonus of being in an exotic location to recuperate in while getting your procedure done by the same talented and certified physicians at state-of-the-art hospitals in locations specifically hand-picked by DocAbroad’s professional medical team.

We loved (and still do) working with DocAbroad in creating their image online. You can see their logo and the responsive design of their website below.

  • Client: DocAbroad LLC.
  • Date: 2018-12-09
  • Website: DocAbroad.org*
  • Services: Web Development, Logo Design, Business Card Design, SEO, SSL, Gmail Integration, Maintenance.

*Please note that the live website and its design have been modified by the client since launch. We handed the project over and it is no longer under our supervision, nor may it look as we originally designed it (pixel-perfect). 

Responsive Website Design

Logo Design

DocAbroad Logo Design


Month to Launch

From the initial mockups to the final launch of the website, it took about 4 weeks.


Number One on Google

After 1 month of development and 3 months of maintenance and optimization, DocAbroad comes up number 1 in Google Search results.